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Let's focus on your future self. Do you have dreams of being a film director and producer? If so, this course is for you. This is the course that any aspiring film maker should take. Finally there is a course designed to give you all the knowledge and guidance needed as you move down your film making path. This course is one not to be missed!
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Understanding the film making process can sometimes be confusing and complex. What are all the steps that should be taken? What are their purpose? In which order should I do them in? The biggest issue for many people is just knowing where to start. Even for those who have made films before, there are so many steps involved within film production that chances are they aren’t doing all the steps that are used in industry to give the film the best chance of being completed on time, and to the highest quality possible with a single vision in mind.

Thats where we come in. It’s time to leapfrog your education and give yourself the best step forward. In this course we guide you through all the processes and steps used by Hollywood, and all over the world with proven track records of assisting the productions and allowing them to stand out. Come along with us and create your film using this course as your guide.

This course focuses on the A to Z of  all the filmmaking  stages. All of your favourite films follow this formula which this course covers. And for good reason, these steps have been perfected in the past century and are proven to be steps to creating great films.  

Course Curriculum

Designed to give you a clear understanding the film production process from beginning to end.

Module 1 - Introduction   (Week 1)

Module 2 - Concept Creation   (Week 1)

Module 3 - Story Development   (Week 2)

Module 4 - Script Writing   (Week 3)

Module 5 - Storyboards & Pre-vis    (Week 4)

Module 6 - Direction    (Week 5)

Module 7 - Pre-Production    (Week 6)

Module 8 - Test Your Knowledge / Stage Summary    (Week 7)

BONUS STAGE - Financing, Selling & Pitching your film... & YOURSELF

Module 9 - Introduction to Production    (Week 8)

Module 10 - Lighting    (Week 9)

Module 11 - Sound    (Week 10)

Module 12 - Cinematography    (Week 11)

Module 13 - Direction on Set    (Week 12)

Module 14 - Running a Shoot    (Week 13)

Module 15 - Test Your Knowledge / Stage Summary    (Week 14)

BONUS STAGE - Directing & supporting your talent

Module 16 - Introduction to Post-Production    (Week 15)

Module 17 - Editing    (Week 16)

Module 18 - Sound Editing    (Week 17)

Module 19 - Pipelines,  & Effects    (Week 18)

Module 20 - Distribution    (Week 19)

Module 21 - Test Your Knowledge / Course Summary    (Week 20)

BONUS STAGE - Planning for Success

This course has been validated by professionals within the media industry to ensure the course content is relevant and up to date.

Meet the Instructor

Dana Stockton - Award Winning Filmmaker

Dana Stockton

Dana Stockton

Senior Instructor / Video Producer

Over my past 10+ years working professionally I have worked on feature films, TV commercials, TV shows and a number of other videos. I am award winning in a number of fields from game development as well as winning many awards for my film making in a number of places around the world. Australia and Hollywood just to name a few.
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    We have discussions built into the course so that you can receive help from both us, but also other peers within the courses.

  • Certificate Given on Completion

    This course has clear course progress indicators. And once you have fully completed the course you will receive a certificate for use in the future.

  • Designed For Easy Learning

    This course has been designed ease of use. So, we have make a course that is primarily video based with our Learner Guide PDF given to help you moving forward.